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Sanitas AnnualReport 2022

At Sanitas, we strive to achieve the greatest technological advances and use it to serve our customers with the firm commitment of providing the best care for them. We have managed to perfectly combine physical and virtual assistance, which is why we are always expanding our range of services to meet the needs of patients and healthcare professionals.

CEO de Sanitas y Bupa Europe & LatinAmerica



We consolidated our growth in 2022. Our revenue grew by 10% compared to 2021.


new centres

Sanitas Dental opened 4 new centres bringing the total to 204 nationwide and forming a network where the latest technology has enabled us to reinforce the process of digitising our clinics.


virtual consultations

This accounts for 11.5% of consultations. Virtual consultations and telephone consultations are patients' preferred method for their initial consultation. 3,114 doctors from the 37 specialties in which this option is available have carried out virtual consultations this year.

Sanitas and Generali:

In 2022, we signed an agreement with the Generali insurance company, which guarantees access to the best quality care for more than 137,000 customers.

Incorporation of Cuida tu mente BluaU

In 2022, we expanded the services of our BluaU digital healthcare platform with Cuida tu mente, a new digital service to care for and manage people’s mental health and emotional well-being. The app performs an initial online psychological assessment, which gives the user an estimate of their emotional state and allows them to assess the suitability of a possible subsequent psychological intervention.

New digital advances in our hospital network

We opened a new Robotic Surgery Unit in our Sanitas CIMA Hospital in Barcelona for the Gynaecology, Urology, General and Digestive Surgery, and Thoracic Surgery services. In addition, we developed the Idonia digital platform, which allows us to digitise diagnostic imaging tests performed throughout our hospital network.

Net Zero Commitment

Through digitalisation, we avoided the emission of more than 8,000 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere in 2022. This translates into a 76% reduction of our CO2 footprint since 2009 in our commitment to Science Based Targets. We are on track towards our firm commitment of being a Net Zero company in direct emissions by 2030 and in indirect emissions by 2040.

We build healthy cities

Part of what we do is focused on creating more sustainable and healthier environments. More than 11,000 participants took part in our 7th edition of Healthy Cities, 13,000 trees were planted, and 14.2 tonnes of CO2 emissions were avoided.

A greener planet thanks to our seniors

Through Sanitas Mayores, in 2022 we avoided the emission of 108.7 tonnes of CO2 through projects that improve the quality of life of the elderly who live in and use our centres, while protecting the health of the planet: recycling of masks, reducing the use of printed paper, buying zero kilometre food, and energy efficiency and water use measures. These initiatives have also been implemented at Sanitas Dental.

We are Sanitas

There is one purpose that unites us all at Sanitas: helping people live longer, healthier, happier lives and making a better world. We are part of the Bupa group, dedicated exclusively to caring for people's health with professionalism, innovation, and in a sustainable way. As a result, society as a whole values our work, which is something we are proud of as a team.

Medicine of the future

Sanitas looks to the future by helping to build the kind of medicine in which digitalisation contributes to people's health and helps them live longer, healthier and happier lives. All our technological developments are aimed at making the healthcare experience of our customers and patients agile, efficient, and very accessible. From BluaU (our digital health platform) to our digitised hospitals, dental clinics and care homes, to our healthcare apps and other technological innovations, we make the medicine of the future available today.

One Health

GRI 2-22

Caring for the planet's health is also caring for the health of people. This is why at Sanitas we work under the One Health concept through different initiatives that promote better urban environments, reducing polluting emissions, and promoting renewable energies.