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Connected to customers and companies

GRI 3-3

Fluid, close, transparent communication is the first therapy that must be applied to take proper care of people's health. We use digital tools to keep in close contact with our customers and companies.

Active listening

GRI 2-29

At Sanitas, it is essential to always make the customer our focus and for this reason, six years ago we created the Escucha Activa (Active Listening) app with the aim of making the customer’s voice heard by our employees in order to jointly create solutions tailored to their needs. Through Escucha Activa, employees listen to customer feedback and propose solutions that improve the customer experience in any process or interaction they have with us.

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Sanitas Customer Lab

In 2022, we launched our first virtual community of customers and employees: Sanitas Customer Lab.

This online community provides us with first-hand feedback from our customers and employees. This way, we can improve the experience we offer at our centres and customer service channels and design new products and services to meet their needs.

In 2022, we had more than 2,000 active customers and employees involved in more than 20 experience improvement projects.

To develop the best digital health, our team is continually working on new tools such as cloud, mobile devops, or AI. This makes it possible for us to offer prevention-based medicine through a more satisfying experience.

José Luis Ruiz Revuelta
Chief Information Officer at Sanitas and Bupa Europe & Latin America

We measure our customers' satisfaction

At Sanitas, we measure our customers’ satisfaction and recommendations. We measure the recommendations using the NPS, a very demanding indicator that provides us with qualitative information about our customers, which we then analyse in order to take action to improve.

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Happy and satisfied customers


NPS Sanitas España


NPS Sanitas Seguros


NPS Sanitas Hospitales


NPS Sanitas Dental


NPS Sanitas Mayores

Tailor-made apps for people

Mobile is the digital revolution in the medicine of the future. We have designed different apps tailored to each customer and situation that allow instant access to our services and benefits.

MiSanitas App

The starting point for Sanitas’ digital health services. A mobile, streamlined, intuitive app that enables our customers to do a wide variety of things.

Familias App

Designed so that family members of residents at Sanitas Mayores facilities can get up-to-date medical information about their loved ones at any time and from anywhere, as well as interact with them through messages, photos, videos, etc.

Sanitas Data Salud

A mobile app that explores data’s potential as a source of knowledge and guidance for making informed healthcare decisions.

Highly people-oriented digital medicine

At Sanitas, we believe in digital medicine created by people for people.

Our digital tools are designed to create the best possible patient experience and increase our healthcare efficiency.

SanIA Psychological Virtual Assistant

This is an intelligent agent that uses the latest innovations in the field of AI applied to natural language processing to interact in a more efficient and effective way with our customers.

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Check-in online

With this system, patients can make informed visits to outpatient clinics. Also, at some of our facilities, it is possible to automatically discharge a patient using the same technology.

Reduced wait times

An SMS service that enables customers to self-book their appointments in busy situations via conventional channels.

Digital informed consent

All relevant information about treatments and clinical history is accessible on a tablet. A measure that increases security and efficiency in management, while reducing paper use.

We are digitising our relationship with businesses

Businesses are essential to us. We have set up several digital spaces to facilitate our relationship with the entire Sanitas healthcare business ecosystem.


Business website.

From this platform we manage our relationship with our more than 11,736 business customers, 48% of our portfolio, in a streamlined, operational, bidirectional way.


Brokers website.

GRI 2-8

This tool is designed to facilitate and improve our partners’ work and provides great added value to your day-to-day work.

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Healthcare professionals site.

This site provides our medical professionals with an easy-to-use digital workspace from which they can manage their schedule, consult their patients’ medical records, and prescribe diagnostic tests.

We digitise our products for companies

Our customer companies share with us an interest in digitalisation as a way to become more efficient and to be more and better connected. We have created customised solutions for companies with products and services tailored to their needs.

  • Automated Onboarding process for business customers

    This allows for contracts to be signed digitally and employees to be registered, thus improving the customer’s experience and reducing paper use and CO₂ emissions.

  • Saniflex

    We introduced the first health insurance linked to a flexible compensation web platform on the market. Thus, in addition to improving the health of our customers’ employees, we offer them the ability to manage the flexible compensation of their employees through the Retriflex platform, a comprehensive health insurance with digital services included. This way, employees can replace part of their pay with tax-advantaged products and services: restaurant vouchers, childcare, and transportation.

  • Sanitas Empresas Digital and Más Digital

    Our products are designed for companies with more than 100 employees with varying levels of digital solutions, the possibility of adapting coverage to business customers’ varying needs, and a very competitive premium.

  • Básico Digital para Colectivos

    Our most economical group health insurance includes outpatient care, diagnostic tests, and simple therapeutic methods. It also includes virtual consultations for emergencies, specialised services, health programmes, and online home services.

  • New Profesionales Plus

    Insurance designed to meet the needs of the self-employed. Comprehensive healthcare with specific coverage to meet self-employed individuals’ needs.

  • Pymes Más Digital

    Two comprehensive healthcare products that offer different levels of digitalisation and also home or workplace services to avoid the need to travel. Sanitas was the first insurer to make it easier for companies with fewer than 250 employees to insure their employees 100% digitally. Artificial intelligence when signing a contract, a virtual assistant and a chat for queries facilitate the formalities and procedures for a product specifically designed for small and medium-sized companies, which is very similar in essence to the product used by our private customers.

Active listening

Some of the improvements implemented as a result of our employees’ suggestions include 24-hour virtual consultation waiting time alerts, improved customer onboarding, digital dermatological triage, and real-time monitoring of our ambulances via the app.

Since we launched the app, our employees have listened to over 60,000 calls and submitted over 40,000 proposals.

We measure customer satisfaction

In 2022, we received more than 500,000 customer feedback responses through surveys. The most useful information is obtained from the comments left by customers in these surveys; comments that we analyse using artificial intelligence to find out what emotion is behind them, whether this customer needs to be contacted urgently or if they simply want to say thank you for a good experience. Using all this analysis, we can help guide businesses on where to focus on improving.

All Sanitas business units (Seguros, Hospitales, Dental and Mayores) track this indicator and feedback on a daily basis through our NPS dashboard.

SanIA Psychological Virtual Assistant

It is used in all business units and there are more than 40 cases of use in operation such as appointment management, emergency triage, online check-in, appointment reminders, personalised check-ups, insurance underwriting, risk management etc.

SanIA’s features include managing appointments at Sanitas Hospitales’ medical centres and dental clinics. In fact, at Sanitas Dental this process is already done exclusively via this feature.

In addition, users interact with this agent by phone through SanIA Connect. SanIA takes care of reminding users of their appointment via telephone, which has helped to reduce no-shows. Risk underwriting process using artificial intelligence

In 2022, we developed a project called “BRABU chatbot” as part of SanIA, which allows customers to self-manage their health questionnaire when taking out a policy. With this chatbot, the customer can fill out the questionnaire without the assistance of an agent and, if any risk is detected, the process is completed by the risk team afterwards.

Figures IA SanIA 2022






psychological assessments




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conversations with patients handled by our psychological assistant SanIA

Mediator Portal

We designed this site to meet the real needs of our network of more than 3,500 mediators so that they can do all their business online from the site itself. It processes an average of 200,000 queries per month.

In our eagerness to adapt and move forward, this year we improved online underwriting for companies as a self-management option on both the Companies and Brokers sites.