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At Sanitas, we believe in the strength of the combination of digitalisation and people as the most direct way to achieve healthcare excellence.

One team, one vision

Year after year, our hospitals are at the top of the most prestigious rankings in the industry. Our healthcare professionals also routinely win the most prestigious awards in the profession.  These awards reflect a very specific way of working. This Sanitas identity is the result of our healthcare professionals’ personal commitment, professional capacity and humanity.

Joint Commission

Our University Hospitals Sanitas La Zarzuela, Sanitas La Moraleja, Sanitas CIMA y Sanitas Virgen del Mar, as well as the Alameda care home, have obtained the Joint Commission International accreditation, the most prestigious standard of hospital and healthcare excellence in the world.

Merco Ranking

Merco, the corporate monitoring body for business and healthcare reputation, has once again recognised the excellence of Sanitas.

Merco Companies

According to the ranking, we are the nº 1 company in the specific healthcare section and nº 36 in the general index.

Merco ESG

We are ranked 15th within the more responsible companies.

Merco Talent

In 2022, we have reached the 15th position amongst the top companies with the ability to attract and retain talent.

Sanitas Hospitals

In addition, Sanitas hospitals appear in the top 15 of honour in the MRS Merco Health Reputation Monitor:

  • HULZ: renews its 4th position
  • HULM: consolidates its 6th position
  • CIMA: reaches 13th position
  • Virgen del Mar: remains in 14th position

Once again, we have been included in the ranking of the 75 best companies to work for by Forbes magazine.

Other accreditations

ISO 9001

For the seventh consecutive year, the Sanitas Customer Relations Centre has renewed the ISO 9001 Quality Certificate, based on the Quality Management System (QMS). As a new development this year, the scope of the certification was extended to include the 24-hour Emergency Service.


All the Group’s hospitals and medical centres have been awarded the QH certificate of excellence in healthcare.

Our awards for healthcare excellence

As an empowered player in Spanish healthcare, we not only receive awards for our work, but we also give them to other professionals who stand out for their work within and outside Sanitas. This is in line with our firm commitment to building an excellent, collaborative and accessible healthcare system for all members of society.

Sanitas Dental Star Awards

Sanitas MIR and EIR Awards

Sanitas Dental Star Awards

This is the fifth edition of our award for innovation and clinical excellence for dentists, stomatologists and maxillofacial surgeons.  In the 2022 edition, the number of nominations received tripled to more than 60.

Our support for professionals in these specialties culminated in the form of the awarding of 10,000 euros for the winner of the Expert Category and 7,000 euros for each of the winners in the Academic and Daily Clinic categories.

Winners of the Expert Category
Dr. Antonio NobiliAccesit
Dr. Jaime Molinos
Winner of the Academic Category
Dr. David Palombo
Winner of the Daily Clinic category
Dr. Marc Junquera

Sanitas MIR and EIR Awards

Sanitas MIR Awards

We help to promote the careers of young talent in the healthcare field. Since 1997, the We care for the well-being of our community has recognised the Internal Medical Resident who has stood out the most during their specialised training. More than 200 hospitals with MIR accreditation participate in this competition, the only one of its kind in Spain.


Sanitas EIR Awards

Sanitas EIR Awards In 2022, the Sanitas Foundation created a new award with the aim of extending recognition to more areas of healthcare training and acknowledge excellence in the training of healthcare professionals in the field of Nursing, replicating the model of the Sanitas MIR Award.