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Our culture

GRI 3-3

Our culture has a clear focus on professional excellence in each of our areas of activity. Therefore, we strive to promote leadership and talent among our employees, as well as a healthy, diverse and inclusive work environment.

At Sanitas, we work not only to improve the lives and health of our customers, we do so by caring for our people first. To this end, we focus on taking care of the well-being of our employees and fostering the creation of healthy working environments that help them perform in optimal conditions. It is with this in mind that we work every day at the company's People department.

Elena Juárez,

Our employees are at the foundation of our culture

Our employees are at the foundation of Sanitas’ culture. As they are one of the main pillars, the company is committed to helping them grow and develop in the best work environment.

The Blue Way

Our way of working focuses on corporate culture, promoting flexibility, data-driven decision making and sustainable mobility.

Training and digitalisation

At Sanitas, there is a clear commitment to employee training. We rely on the advantages provided by digitalisation to help employees with different training methods, and to improve flexibility to meet the needs of each individual.

We promote the best talent

At Sanitas, we draw upon the latest technologies to offer our employees a wide range of options for further training and adapting to new digital requirements, which helps us achieve digital transformation. Some of the major projects in this field are:



International talent development programme related to innovation in sustainability and healthcare.

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Transformation Academy

A 10-month training programme that has benefited over 120 employees. It covers a wide variety of topics to provide a good overview of the latest technological developments including: IOT, omics, cloud, AI, augmented reality, ethics, data & analytics, digital channel, blockchain or future tech


Upskilling Plan

A plan aimed at enhancing the development of digital skills among employees to help them become familiar with the digital universe or data inclusion, as well as at streamlining the decision-making process.


The Human Factor

A training programme for all business units, aimed at fostering a customer-centric culture through different sessions and training. In 2022 we provided training to a total of 1268 front-line employees and the programme has a satisfaction rating of 4.8/5.


Personal energy

An initiative focused on the well-being of people. It helps employees to practice their self-awareness skills to better manage their energy levels and enhance resilience.



One of the top innovations in 2021 that was maintained through 2022. It consists of a leadership development programme for employees from all departments and business areas.


Modern selling

It provides support to the sales division to improve commercial skills and the capacity to generate business. Skills related to social media management are essential here.


Sanitas insurtech

An innovative and strategic programme developed in partnership with Spanish Digital Business Schools that combines insurance and technology.



Each year, more and more employees gain in-depth knowledge of the certification, which enables the successful implementation of the new Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) measures. This year there were 420 employees.


Academia de Negociación Asistencial (Healthcare Negotiation Academy)

This year we launched a project to improve and professionalise negotiation in the healthcare management area, one of the most important skills in the corporate world because it offers great value to the employees and the company.

Other projects


Sanitas employees’ in-depth knowledge of the business is the best source of internal innovation. They can use this programme to propose ideas that help improve processes and services.

Bupa Learn

A more accessible and personalised corporate digital training platform that helps Sanitas employees develop their skills and abilities, regardless of their location.

ELA Leadership Program

A cross-cutting leadership programme within Sanitas and Bupa that combines business knowledge (Strategic Talks), methodologies and skills development (Experiential Workshops) and professional challenges that affect teams, projects, issues and decisions (Co-Development Sessions). Nearly 50 leaders from all 10 ELA regions have already taken part.

The Power Business School

The partnership with the Power Business School offers Sanitas and Bupa employees access to different courses providing a 360-degree vision of different areas such as business, innovation, marketing, digital, leadership and sales.


Without having to be experts in data or technology, Sanitas employees had the opportunity to take part in this 48-hour Hackathon with colleagues from other countries to share innovative ideas and contribute to the transforming future of the company.

Digitalisation of the Onboarding Process

The entire onboarding process has been digitised in order to improve the employee’s experience during their first weeks in the company.

Young Talent Program

This year, Sanitas has implemented a programme to incorporate students and recent graduates into the company to help them boost their professional career and make the most of their valuable contribution in all business areas. In the last few years, recruiting healthcare profiles has become increasingly difficult. To address this challenge, Sanitas has developed different programmes such as Talent Return in order to identify key profiles for the company and hire them.

A diverse, inclusive and equitable environment

GRI 3-3; 405-1

Sanitas is strongly committed to equality and inclusion. Proof of this is that 79% of employees are women. These values are reflected not only in the number of female employees, but also in our culture.

We promote equality

GRI 3-3; 405-1

The Equality Plan at Sanitas provides a clear guide that leads us through the path, which we embarked on long ago: to ensure equal opportunities in all our activities, in an equitable manner without discrimination on the basis of gender, beliefs, social status or other personal circumstances.

We promote wage policies

At Sanitas, we are convinced that a work-life balance is essential for our employees. We have implemented specific measures in order to reduce the gender pay gap. This way, we also implement a culture to build equal and inclusive work environments.

We embrace inclusion

GRI 3-3; 405-1

These actions are mainly aimed at people with disabilities. Sanitas complies with the Law on Social Integration of People with Disabilities (LISMI), with 2.8% of employees with disabilities. We do this in two ways. One is by hiring directly. The second is through labour integration companies or special employment centres. In addition, as stated in our Code of Conduct, we take equal opportunities and non-discrimination very seriously, as well as the adaptation of our facilities and work spaces to people with disabilities.

We have employees from more than 50 different nationalities

GRI 3-3; 405-1

We strongly believe that diversity enriches the entire Sanitas team and culture, so having more than 50 different nationalities is a source of wealth for everyone. Diversity also fosters a more creative and innovative work environment.


Employees are at the heart of this programme, where they get involved in startup projects proposed by themselves.

These startups have a strong innovation component and focus on 5 areas of impact: climate change, biodiversity, education and behavioural change, healthy cities and citizens and circular economy.

After several months of teamwork to define and develop a minimum viable product (MVP), the teams present their projects and Sanitas and Bupa employees vote on the best solution. In 2022, the winning team was APAC with its startup Cassava.