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People-centred medicine

GRI 2-6; 3-3

The future may be digital, but it will belong to people. At Sanitas we know this and that is why we want to take the healthcare experience a step further through medicine that integrates personal contact with the most advanced technological innovations. This winning combination of digital and human allows us to raise our ability to take care of our customers' health to the highest level of excellence.

The digital ecosystem we have created at Sanitas, which is constantly evolving, aims to provide customers with the most advanced technologies, especially when it comes to diagnosis and treatment, in order to improve their experience and offer them the best healthcare.

Ine Snater

Here are some of the technological advances that position Sanitas as a leader in the medicine of the future.

BluaU: ever-evolving digital health

In 2020 we launched BluaU, an extension of the digital health services we started in 2016 with the implementation of Blua that contributes not only to caring for our customers, but also for the planet.

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Monitoriza tu salud

We help you take control of your health.

Through our Monitoriza tu salud programme, we practice preventive medicine on chronically ill and healthy people by remotely monitoring a wide range of health indicators and parameters such as blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, weight, physical activity, and sleep quality.

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Cuida tu mente: BluaU's big highlight in 2022

Cuida Tu Mente is our new digital service designed for our customers to care for and manage their mental health and emotional well-being. This service provides patients with a wide range of medical psychologists for video and in-person visits.

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Salud Conectada: We help you take control of your health

Through our Salud Conectada programme, we practice predictive medicine for healthy people by remotely monitoring a wide range of health indicators and parameters such as blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, weight, glucose, physical activity, and sleep quality.

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More services included with BluaU

  • Vital signs measured via facial imaging

    This mobile technology helps our customers to measure key health indicators such as heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood pressure. All of this is done using the MiSanitas app by taking a video selfie with your smartphone’s camera. This service is connected to our 24-hour virtual consultation service to answer any questions related to your results.

  • Personalised digital plans

    To meet the needs of all types of customers and situations.

Virtual consultations are consolidated

In 2022, 771,000 digital consultations were made (including phone consultations), representing 11.5% of all medical consultations.

Virtual consultations not only make it easier for us to monitor our customers’ health, but also help to protect our planet’s health by avoiding unnecessary travel. As a result of virtual consultations, we avoided the emission of 8,000 tonnes of CO2 in 2022.

Virtual consultations in figures


specialist doctors providing virtual consultation services (1,663 at SH, 1,373 at partner centres and 120 at SPS).



virtual consultations since BluaU was launched


every 10 seconds a virtual consultation takes place


every 2 seconds a prescription or report is shared

Technology-Based Hospitals

Sanitas hospitals are the ideal setting for medical technology to reach its highest levels of sophistication and effectiveness.

Sanitas Valdebebas Hospital

In addition to our advanced hybrid operating rooms, Da Vinci robots and Foundation Medicine genetic tests, we have added the challenge of opening the Sanitas Valdebebas Hospital in 2025.

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Other digital innovations in our hospital network

  • Robotic Surgery Unit

    Sanitas CIMA Hospital, our multi-specialty centre in Barcelona, recently opened its new Robotic Surgery Unit for the Gynaecology, Urology, General and Digestive Surgery (including the bariatric surgery programme) and Thoracic Surgery units.

  • Idonia digital platform

    The quest for solutions that not only improve patients’ and customers’ care experience, but also contribute to protecting the planet, is the driving force behind this programme that digitises diagnostic imaging tests performed at our hospitals. Using cloud technology, this programme makes these tests securely accessible to patients any time.


Individual patients seen in 2022 at Sanitas hospitals.

Dental health: pioneers in digital dentistry

We are pioneers in digital dentistry in Spain. We improve the customer experience through state-of-the-art equipment and the incorporation of solutions with a high digital component.

The digital evolution is already reaching our 204 dental clinics with solutions such as the carving of pieces with Gad Cam, robotic surgery, intraoral scanner or highly aesthetic veneers.

Digital smile design

Digital innovation makes it possible to offer treatments like highly aesthetic veneers with digital sculpting, intraoral scanning, and guided planning. This service offers greater personalisation, comfort, and better results.

Administrative digitalisation

Care homes, day centres, and home care

Better caring for our elderly

Technology is essential when caring for the elderly, a resource that makes it possible for us to go further and faster to meet the needs of a group that deserves our full attention.

Our care homes in figures


Nº residents


Nº virtual consultations




app users (84.31% of residents have at least one family member with an app)

BluaU Senior

Our biggest highlight in 2022 was the launch of BluaU Senior, a personalised support and advice service for the elderly and their families. It is provided by an advisor specialising in senior care and includes access to health plans and unlimited virtual consultations with specialists from the Sanitas medical team. We also launched Blua UEasy, a new micro-insurance product that complements the BluaU Senior product.

Let's talk about

This series of informative, educational webinars on topics of interest related to the elderly and their caregivers is aimed especially at users’ families. Up to 1,965 people watched them during the first series.


Data4Good is an open data project that aims to make anonymous medical information about our patients available to the scientific community for analysis in clinical research.

Digital signature

We have improved how our seniors are welcomed by allowing them to sign the contract digitally before the day they will be admitted.

Digital Customer Journey

We have designed a sustainable digital customer journey with a multitude of initiatives that have involved the people who use our centres, their families, and our teams of professionals.

Sustainable software

Sustainability is very present in the management of our residences. In 2022, we implemented energy management software in all our centers that provides data on gas, electricity and water consumption, as well as offering online data on temperature, humidity and CO₂ level. Technology ensures the comfort of our residents while allowing us to align with the needs of the planet.

BluaU: ever-evolving digital health

We see BluaU as a living entity that is constantly evolving. We began with 10 medical specialties in which our customers can make their digital appointments, and today there are more than 30. This development marks a turning point in the field of diagnostics and treatment.

Monitoriza tu salud

A large amount of data is collected through the Internet of Things and processed for counselling by the professionals of the Health Promotion Service (SPS): doctors, nurses, midwives, nutritionists, psychologists, and physiotherapists. Through the use of big data and artificial intelligence techniques, the data collected is activated and future health recommendations are provided.

In addition, more than 3,000 patients with risk profiles such as overweight, arrhythmia, asthma, or pregnancy are connected via wearables to MiSanitas and receive remote monitoring of their conditions from our medical team.

State-of-the-art technologies used for healthcare, with the added advantage of empowering patients to become involved in their own healthcare.

Cuida tu mente: BluaU's big highlight in 2022

It makes it possible to carry out an initial online psychological assessment that serves as a starting point for personalising the patient’s experience, determining the patient’s emotional state, and assessing the advisability of subsequent psychological intervention.

It also offers personalised monitoring and support for each patient that is overseen by a psychologist. Cuida Tu Mente is based on four principles: diagnosis guidance, medical support, assistance and self-guided digital therapies to enhance patients’ emotional well-being.

Six out of 10 people in Spain believe that digital tools can contribute to mental healthcare.

Salud Conectada: We help you take control of your health

Using technologies like big data, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence, a large amount of data is collected, processed, and then entered into an app, which then makes up the data available in the patient’s electronic medical record.

State-of-the-art technologies used for healthcare, with the added advantage of empowering patients to become involved in their own healthcare.

Sanitas Valdebebas Hospital

It is the fifth facility in the Sanitas hospital network in Spain and the first fully digital hospital in the country. From here, all digital capabilities will be coordinated to connect patients with their doctors, improve the patient experience at the hospital, enhance doctors’ diagnosis and monitoring capabilities, offer the most advanced therapies and treatments, and provide healthcare wherever the patient is at any given moment. In addition, it will also be the headquarters for Sanitas’ Research and Training units for medical professionals.

With the new Valdebebas Hospital, Sanitas is reinventing the concept of future hospitals and providing patients with the most innovative precision medicine. This facility will work in three different areas and will have a coordination liaison to coordinate the patient experience and the relationship between the patient and the care professionals. The three areas will be the hospital and medical centres, both Sanitas’ own facilities and affiliated medical centres; digital health services, which will include everything related to prevention and primary care, virtual consultations, health plans, connected health, digital diagnosis, the Sanitas Health Promotion Service and, lastly, home care, which will include treatments and home hospitalisation.

More than 30,000 square metres equipped with the latest advances in digital medicine and with three leading care units: a new Institute of Advanced Oncology (IOA), an Institute of Mental Health and Well-being and a new Advanced Rehabilitation Centre.

Administrative digitalisation

Our digital achievements are not just limited to dental treatments, but also extend to administrative tasks to make them more user-friendly and accessible.

After digitising the medical history, the general health questionnaire that our patients fill out when they arrive at one of our facilities, we started digitising budgets and treatment plans in 2022.

These improvements have not only improved the quality of patients’ experience, but also help us protect the environment.


individual patients seen in 2022 at Sanitas Dental (6.7% more than in 2021)


virtual consultations (30.3% more than in 2021)

The most requested specialties through virtual consultation


family and community medicine


medical emergencies


obstetrics and gynaecology




paediatrics and specialised areas