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We innovate to be closer

The foundations of our digital ecosystem are aligned with both the mission and values of Sanitas.

The foundations of Sanitas digitization

Collaborative working

We have introduced agile methodologies in our internal processes that promote interaction and integration  between different units and departments. In this way, we will set more ambitious goals and objectives, and reach them faster and more efficiently.

The power of data

We believe in the power of data and its ability to help us to take the best decision when it comes to people’s health. We are working on developments in big data, machine learning, and AI to achieve more accurate diagnoses and provide the best possible patient experience.


Innovation is part of Sanitas’ DNA. We rely on digitalisation and exponential technologies to achieve more precise, effective healthcare solutions that are tailored to our customers’ needs.



Home-based chemotherapy program

This programme enables cancer patients to receive their treatment at home, thus improving their quality of life and reducing the risk of hospital readmission.


Home hospitalisation programme

Initiated during the pandemic, this programme is designed to enable certain patients with acute or chronic pathologies to follow their treatment at home. Since its inception, 187 patients with very different conditions have already taken part in the programme, with a total of 2,001 home stays.


Da Vinci Robots

Robotic surgery is at its best with these state-of-the-art robots. Our Da Vinci robots incorporate features such as a high-definition 3-D viewer or fluorescence vision systems.


Digital SPS

This is our digital access service for the Sanitas Health Promotion Service (SPS).

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Online workshops

Focused on prevention and health care, taught by SPS healthcare professionals. Sanitas has increased the annual offer of online workshops focused on prevention and health care.

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Advanced rehabilitation centres

We have opened four new advanced rehabilitation centres in Madrid.

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AI Triage for emergency calls to Sanitas 24h

Implemented in the virtual consultation channel in 2021 and in the telephone channel in 2022, this service improves the customer experience by keeping them informed of the expected waiting time for their medical consultation.

Digital SPS

Its unique value lies in the fact that it empowers the customer, making it easier for them to take an active role in the management and care of their own health, while receiving personalised advice from SPS professionals via chat, virtual consultation or telephone.

The SPS team is made up of more than 50 professionals from different areas: nutritionists, physical trainers, physiotherapists, psychologists, midwives, doctors and nurses.

In 2022, SPS managed more than 40,000 personalised and digital health plans in areas such as nutrition, personal trainer, pregnancy and child health from MiSanitas App.




health plans


digital plans


non digital plans


online workshops


monitor your health

Online workshops

In 2022, more than 104 different topics on nutrition, physical exercise and postural hygiene, emotional well-being, child health and disease prevention were provided by the SPS multidisciplinary team. On offer:

  • Monthly calendar of live online workshops
  • Monthly calendar of online workshops on demand
  • We also cater for ad hoc requests

Individuals can also access the online workshops via the digital health programs in the MiSanitas App.

These 30-minute workshops are dynamic and interactive, with a chat feature as well as the possibility of asking the speaker questions.

In 2022, we closed the year with the delivery of 307 online workshops attended by 17,735 attendees (29% growth in attendees compared to 2021).

Advanced rehabilitation centres

Our rehabilitation model is based on a comprehensive care experience for our patients. With services such as invasive eco-guided physiotherapy, personal training, sports rehabilitation, nutrition, psychology, podiatry and biomechanical studies, always at the disposition of our medical team and supported by state-of-the-art technology.