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What we do

Sanitas' mission is to care for and improve people's health. Over the years, this has made a leading specialised healthcare company, a leader in Spain. We have been part of the Bupa group, an international healthcare group operating on every continent, since 1989.

We are part of the Bupa group

GRI 2-1, 2-2

Sanitas is the Bupa group company that operates in Spain. It also heads the group’s business in Europe and Latin America (ELA). From Spain, we lead the business that operates in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Miami, Panama, Poland, Dominican Republic, and Turkey.

In 2022, we further consolidated humanised medicine, but would not have been able to do so without the support of our customers. It is because of them that we were able to restore occupancy in care homes to pre-pandemic levels and strengthened the dental business by opening new clinics. Sanitas Seguros also expanded its customer base, with growth outpacing the rest of the market.

GRI 2-22


Facts and figures

GRI 2-6; 2-7

2.63 Bn€

10% more than in 2021

273 M€

operating profit
29% more than in 2021


4.6% more than in 2021

The Sanitas brand

Position 30

According to Interbrand, Sanitas is one of the top 30 most valued brands in Spain.

This report is published every 2 years.

Score 68.3

Sanitas continues to be one of the most reputable brands in Spain.

The 2022 revenue and profit figures speak volumes about the strength of Sanitas' business and the confidence that our hybrid healthcare model generates among our customers, who continue to choose us for their health and preventive care.

Pilar Villaescusa

At Sanitas, we work with:

One purpose

Helping people live longer, healthier, happier lives and making a better world

3 values

Courageous: making new opportunities a reality.

Empathetic: showing empathy and respect.

Responsible: being accountable for your decisions and actions.

Four strategic pillars

Delivering on our values and achieving our goal.

Customers: customer’ needs are at the center of all our decisions

Growth: strong performance and governance

Transformation: ongoing innovation and preparing for the future

Sustainability: creating a positive impact on the world

Committed to the SDGs.

We align our commitments with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For Sanitas, the SDGs are the roadmap we use to guide our actions in order to contribute to the global challenges facing our society. For us, health is an area that has 3 dimensions: human health, environmental health, and the health of society. Therefore, at Sanitas we carry out our work in the awareness that we can only take care of people’s health if we also take care of the health of our environment and society. Everything we do is aimed at creating a better, healthier, more liveable world.

Sanitas in Spain: our comprehensive services

GRI 2-6

At Sanitas, we offer the best healthcare service to our patients at all stages of their lives. To do so, we combine the best physical healthcare services with the latest advances in digitalisation to facilitate more efficient, closer and more humane access to healthcare. Sanitas’ business is divided into four main areas.





Sanitas Seguros

Our insurance policies are designed to provide personalised, prevention-oriented services. They are designed for both individuals and companies and incorporate all the technological advances to be able to offer the best insurance solutions.

The digitalisation of healthcare services, prevention and healthcare, and emotional well-being are at the core of our insurance business. Rather than just being the one to turn to when you have a health problem, we are a trusted partner for preventive care and a healthy lifestyle that ensures that our customers enjoy the best possible quality of life.


1,674 M€


(7.38% more than in 2021)

2.4 M


(5.7% more than in 2021)

Digital healthcare in figures


virtual consultations recorded in 2022 (11.5% of all consultations)

3,7 M

calls handled in 2022


hours, average response time for customer emails


email enquiries handled

2.8 M

online appointments at our own and partner centres

Innovation: is part of the DNA of all our services and products


One step forward in digital medicine. In addition to the digital consultation area, we have incorporated a wider range of innovations such as diagnostics and monitoring.

Get your health connected

We monitor our customers’ data through their devices or apps to measure their physical activity, heart rate, sleep patterns, and offer it all to them automatically in the MiSanitas app.

Always connected

We continue to provide customers with the diagnostic test appointment service in the MiSanitas app, sending SMS to facilitate self-booking of appointments and customer service channels via Chatbot. In addition, new features have been incorporated to facilitate the management and health care of our customers.

Monitoriza tu Salud

Through the Monitoriza tu salud service, we convert the data collected from the various customer devices (blood pressure monitors, smartphones, activity bracelets, smart watches, etc.) into information and proposals for personalised health habits for our customers under the supervision of a team of professionals: doctors, psychologists, nutritionists, and personal trainers. All the health data collected by the devices can be accessed from MiSanitas app.

Sanitas Hospitales

After years of tremendous difficulties resulting from the pandemic and its effects, Sanitas hospitals and outpatient clinics are better prepared than ever. We were able to rise to the occasion, adapting quickly to the needs of the moment, and we continue to work to offer the best service to our patients. Our hospitals combine using state-of-the-art innovations and technologies in the field of healthcare with personal, friendly care.

At Sanitas, we are developing the hospital of the future: the digital hospital. To achieve this, we combine the best physical healthcare services, with the most cutting-edge facilities and technologies in our centres, with developing digital solutions that bring hospital services to our patients' homes. The idea is to always be there for those who need us whenever they need us.

Susana Quintanilla

Key figures in 2022


individuals seen


medical procedures


own hospitals (+1 health department under the PPP model)


multi-specialty doctors


NPS customer satisfaction


2 new centres in Madrid and 1 own central laboratory


new advanced rehabilitation centres

Our hospitals

  • Sanitas La Moraleja University Hospital

    One of the most renowned private health facilities in Spain for the quality and professionalism of its services, as well as for the treatment received by its patients and users. In addition, its services include most of the patients’ needs in terms of diagnosis and treatment. HULM uses the Rosa robotic system, a new robot to improve function in patients who require a knee prosthesis, increasing surgical precision, as well as reducing complications and recovery time.

  • Sanitas La Zarzuela University Hospital

    This is one of the most prestigious hospitals in our country for its excellence in surgery and its use of the latest, most innovative techniques. One example is the 24-hour diagnosis system for patients with suspected breast cancer: a system that involves different specialities at the centre to provide an accurate diagnosis within a day and prevent our patients from experiencing “scan anxiety”.

  • Sanitas Virgen del Mar University Hospital

    Since it joined the Sanitas hospital network almost a decade ago, this hospital is renowned for being equipped with the very latest technology. It underwent a major renovation and investment plan, making it a state-of-the-art hospital. Evidence of this is its new Respiratory unit, where patients can have all the necessary diagnostic tests performed in a single visit.

  • Sanitas CIMA Hospital

    This is one of the leading hospitals in Catalonia for patients seeking the latest medical techniques and best patient care. It has undergone a tremendous transformation in recent years, going from being a boutique hospital to one capable of covering all needs and providing all types of treatments.

  • Sanitas Valdebebas Hospital

    We are looking forward to the planned opening of the first digital hospital in Spain in 2025. The new Sanitas Valdebebas Hospital will be more than 30,000 m² in size and will offer clinical care that will combine all the advantages of digitalisation with the best treatments, technologies, and in-person techniques. The new hospital facility will have 3 additional services. The Institute of Advanced Oncology (IOA), the Institute of Mental Health and Well-being and an advanced rehabilitation centre.

Sanitas Dental

In 2022, we continued to innovate in our dental services, including the latest technological advances and all the advantages of digital tools for dental treatment. Proof of this is that we are pioneers in digital dentistry in Spain and all our clinics are equipped with digital intraoral scanners.

This was the year we consolidated our network of clinics. The success of our expansion plan, combined with using cutting-edge technology in dental diagnostics, has led to record numbers at our dental centres.

Director at Sanitas Dental

Key figures in 2022


dental clinics in Spain


customers (6.7% more than in 2021)


virtual consultations (30.3% more than in 2021)


digital medical records


digital informed consents


customer satisfaction


digital insurance policies


digital scans


digital estimates

Sanitas Mayores

At Sanitas, we are a leader in providing care for the elderly. We manage 43 care homes, 23 day centres and home care services. The people who live at our care homes receive personalised attention, as well as access to advanced treatments and care.

2022 was an excellent year, thanks to the return to work at our senior centres and our commitment to greater medicalisation and digitalisation of the centres. The positive feedback from our residents and their families shows that we are on the right track to providing the residential and home care that our society demands.

Javier Gabás

Key figures in 2022


care homes spots


care homes




day centres (active care) + 6 (independent)


occupancy at year-end


NPS (+4.2 more than in 2021)

Our services

Care homes

Our care homes are equipped for long-term and short-term care. In addition to healthcare, we endeavour to support the elderly in their leisure and free time activities, foster their mental and social skills and help prevent feelings of loneliness.

All our care homes are certified according to UNE ISO 9001:2015 quality management standards, which were renewed in 2022.

Day centres

Designed for elderly people who, while continuing to live at home, are looking for a qualified care space during the day. Their stay at the centre not only helps them not to be alone, but also to improve their physical and mental abilities through the various activities we offer at these centres.

Rehabilitation and recovery

We also offer personalised programmes for seniors in need of special care with services such as post-operative and post-oncology treatments, functional rehabilitation and stroke rehabilitation.

Assisted living flats

At Sanitas, we offer the same quality of services and care from our centres to seniors who require it for a specific period of time, either to recover from an ailment or operation, or even for a holiday stay.

New services for seniors

  • Return to pre-pandemic occupancy levels

    After several difficult years due to the pandemic, where the elderly were one of the most negatively impacted groups, our senior living centres have now returned to pre-pandemic occupancy levels. This represents an acknowledgement of the service provided at our centres and the trust that our seniors and their families place in us to care for them in the twilight years of their lives.

  • Access to BluaU Senior

    A personalised support and advice service for the elderly and their families. BluaU Senior was created with the aim of bringing the care of our senior living centres to any home with professionalism, flexibility, and personalised care. It is provided by an advisor specialising in senior care and includes access to health and video plans, unlimited consultations with specialists from the Sanitas medical team, physical maintenance plans with physical therapy, cognitive stimulation, social counselling and care services, among many other services. And always with the support and under the supervision of top health specialists.

    To round off the range of services, BluaU Senior Easy was also launched, which provides a service for people with greater independence and also includes micro-insurance to ensure the quality of care at all times.

  • Accreditation of Sanitas Mayores Alameda

    The Sanitas Mayores Alameda centre, located in Madrid, has been awarded long-term care accreditation by one of the world’s most prestigious organisations that evaluates the quality of care: the Joint Commission International. This reflects our commitment to caring for the elderly, as well as our adherence to the highest standards of quality care and our commitment to continuous improvement. Specifically, it is the Gold Seal of Approval, the most demanding and rigorous seal of approval in the world. This seal measures performance levels in different areas such as resident assessment and care, respect for residents’ rights and responsibilities, quality improvement, infection prevention and control, governance, leadership and employee treatment.

Healthcare insurance market shares 2022*

*Fuente: ICEA

Key figures in 2022

  1. Direct insurance premiums written plus reinsurance accepted.
  2. ICEA data for the fourth quarter of 2022 for Healthcare, with subsidies, without administrative or government grants. Includes coinsurance and does not include reimbursements/total managed by Sanitas.
  3. Based on ICEA data. Customer data, including Healthcare, reimbursements, and subsidies.